Mark Nielsen

Managing Partner/ Business

unnamed-1Born and raised in Iowa, yet traveled and educated on a worldly stage, Mark Nielsen has a breadth of background and experience in the service industry. After graduating from high school, Mark enlisted in the United States Navy serving as an Electronics Technician. He performed active communication duties in military actions in Kosovo and Bosnia in the late nineties. After the military, Mark began studies at the The University of Iowa, all while gaining experience as an Operations Manager for The Union Bar in Iowa City (which was at the time, the largest bar/dance club in the Big Ten). After moving to Madison,WI he served as Bar Manager for the Tornado Room, while completing his studies at UW­Whitewater.

“I have been an entrepreneur from a young age and am thrilled to be in the business ventures I am currently involved in. I have a passion for delivering a great experience to our customers and am excited to bring our proven concept to an even larger market.”

Mark graduated with a Bachelors degree in Multimedia Communication and Finance and later obtained, his MBA in International Finance from the same university. While completing graduate school, Mark studied in Brno, Czech Republic, interning at BVV Trade Fairs Intl. He was responsible for coordination of programs and expanding the role of U.S. Industries at events held at the grounds. Mark has various roles in the operation of Hue Restaurant. While responsible for management of Front of House operations and most aspects of bookkeeping and finance, he also works to maintain equipment and facilities, plan and execute off­site events, and maintain all technology and IT aspects of the restaurant.